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How To Paper Mache Volcano

how to paper mache volcano
Any teachers do paper mache volcanoes? Need to know the amount of supplies for 115 students!?

I know what supplies needed, but I have no idea how much they need for class. If a teacher has, the amount of tape, glue (we're doing watery glue) and painting what you need? There are several ways to make paper mache. We are not making flour and water method. We are making glue smoothing method. We will work with 5 classes of about 22 students in each class.

Paper Mache Volcano is just water, flour and shredded newspaper. Have each child carry in old newspapers and lead by example 5 bags of flour. You also need big buckets of water and mix. Just mix hot water with a large amount of flour until it makes a thick paste and then dip strips of newspaper.

How to Make and Erupt a Paper Mache Volcano

Volcano Kit

Volcano Kit


Learn all about famous volcanoes, then build and erupt your own volcano with the Volcano Kit by Schylling. This kit includes everything you’ll need to build your own model paper mache volcano for fun or for a school science project….

Volcano Making Kit w/free storage bag

Volcano Making Kit w/free storage bag


If you need a great project idea for a school project or science fair, look no further! This Volcano Making Kit is the perfect solution. Using this kit, you can make a 9.5 cm tall volcano. After painting it and decorating it, amaze your friends and family with a bubbly, fizzy lava eruption.

All you need to create the eruption is baking soda and vinegar (not included). Best of all, you can make t…

Enrichment Clusters: A Practical Plan for Real-World, Student-Driven Learning

Enrichment Clusters: A Practical Plan for Real-World, Student-Driven Learning


In today’s high-pressured atmosphere to “get the scores up,” teachers and students find themselves faced with more and more highly-structured, prescripted lessons that allow for little creativity and exploration. However, both students and teachers deserve a balanced education that includes exciting opportunities to delve into areas of strong interest. An Enrichment Cluster Program presents a fram…

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