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Making A Paper Mache Igloo

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making a paper mache igloo
how to make a Paper Mache Igloo?

How to make a IGLOO!!!need it for a project.

I’m curious about how big (or small) this igloo needs to be??
Anyhow, you will need:
newspaper, flour, chicken wire or (smaller wire screen/mesh), white and grey paint.
Make the basic shape out of the screen. Rip the newspaper into strips. In a bowl put some flour & mix it with water, until it’s like a
thin paste (buttermilk-like consistency).
Put some strips of newspaper in the bowl & cover with the flour paste. As you take out a strip, pull it between your fingers to
remove excess paste. Then place it on the screen form. gently shaping it as you go. Keep doing this until your form is covered.
I’d let it dry a while, then do a couple more layers . Let it dry.
How strong do you want this igloo?
More layers will make it stronger, but will take more time to dry.
Once it’s dry, paint it white, and use the grey paint to make the
If you want your igloo to last a long time, paint or spray a clear
sealer over the whole thing & let it dry. Voila! an igloo!
I’m inspired now…I’m gonna make something from paper mache today
too. I hope it works well for you!
Let me know.
And thanks for the inspiration!!

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