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Paper Mache Aliens

paper mache aliens
How I can make someone else's life size paper mache?

Since no one knows what an alien looks, you have plenty of space creative here. There is no reason that the alien has to be as big as a human being, foreigners can be very, very small. And there are an infinite number of ways that a foreigner could see – no reason to give two arms, two legs and a head (or indeed any of it at all). I sat down and invent an alien race first place. Decide where you live, what it eats, how it moves, how it communicates. And then find creative ways to build it in paper mache. If you are looking to make a human-sized foreign-looking man, who is in pieces and then glue together or using a hanger wire to connect the parties. I would do: head, torso, arm, forearm, waist, thigh, leg. Use a ball with paper and tape or a balloon to create the smallest structures to be mounted on a single large alien. Good luck!

My paper mache egg sack for my Alien figure!

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