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Paper Mache Cat Head

paper mache cat head
Need to create a BIG head for the Cheshire cat costume.?

My son's class is doing Alice in Wonderland. We want to create a large head of one of the children to use the Cheshire Cat. How I can do something that is comfortable to wear and dance? The boy is only 9 years old. I was thinking of paper mache, but I do not know how comfortable it would be. Any ideas welcome!

Papier mache, by their nature, art. The idea advanced in the most complex is the design of costumes and wear Mardi Gras parade. Search for materials that are complimentary to the menu of the traditions families and the environment of fresh air. This can be traumatic if they are too advanced materials such as paper mache to TV studio, and based on a unknown practice of foreign nations for a child to endure. Having fun is your guide. here is a place to start. http://www.alibaba.com/showroom/Animal_Hat.html

Sniffing Dog 1 “The Dog Project launch 2010″

Unpainted Paper Mache Mardi Gras Cat Mask 50507

Unpainted Paper Mache Mardi Gras Cat Mask 50507


Very well made matte finish Paper Mache product with elastic material band to secure to head. ready to be worn as is or painted and decorated.
Fits most adults…

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