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Paper Mache Human Body

paper mache human body
Can the paper mache on top of the transparent tape?

I'm making a mold of clear packaging tape sculpture / Body human. Such as those shown here http://www.tapesculpture.org/gallery.html. Can papier mache on top of the mold, clear tape? Or do I have to cover, as a paper tape (eg duct tape) and then papier-mache? Any suggestions appreciated! Basically I want to make a human body paper mache.

Papier mache can be in most any material and shape, but if the material is porous and perfectly flat surface * * the paper mache, once dry "used to hold it because there is no" glue expects, "as it had when it was wet. You need to create a" mechanical " Waiting. (Therefore, do not keep well after drying, if the paper mache is applied only to the top of a flat and very smooth, but if you put the paper Mache * around the edge of the flat and over or surfaces with lots of wrinkles, etc., which take place in well). If you wanted, you could put a bit of tape, either porous or rough (like tape) around the figure here and there only to make papier-mâché places to grab onto more and create mechanical retention (and goes all the way around the torso, arms, etc. with a mechanical tape will also have). Or you could soft sand of the tape a bit before I could help a little. You may want to review how some people make low cost, "dress codes" that could He also became the body if desired. It is done in various ways and with different materials, but basically a real person is wrapped with tape in a t-shirt/etc to keep the tape from the skin. Once the shell thick enough tape is cut and removed, apart from the person, and then rejoined. Papier mache could more than if you wanted to, or use plaster tape, etc. (Although it is plastic). Or you could use some more body parts or to cover the body with tape – chicken wire, pieces of foam in shape, stuffed socks, etc.). Parties can be done separately and added to the torso with more tape if wanted. As I said there are several ways to do this, and several ways to make "life-size figures," using different materials, to verify the following links for ideas, lessons, tips: http://www.google.com/search?q=how+to+make+life+size+figures+papier+mache http://www.google. com / search? q = as + a + to + life + + size of the figures http://www.threadsmagazine.com/item/3659/clone-yourself-a-fitting-assistant http://www.google.com/ search? q = as + a + to + + + dress + tape is good luck, Diane B.

papier-mâché body part

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