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Paper Mache Liberty Bell

paper mache liberty bell
How do you make paper mache ???

I have a project in History and i have to make a stucture of the liberty bell. so my idea is to take a lamp cover and put a top on it [like plastic or somthing idk yet] ,paper mace it and paint it …but there is one problem i dont know how to make the paper mache .(i kno how to do it just not how to make it ) so i want to kno if my idea is good and how to make paper mache ,.. this is the last project of the year until i move on to to the next grade so i need a good grade .. so please help me i would appreiciiate it alot !!!! :)

You can use wallpaper paste, or better yet, Elmer’s glue diluted with a little water to make it liquid. Dip your strips of newspaper in the glue, then get the excess off by pulling it between two fingers. The goal is to make the strips stick together without getting too wet. You can make your base out of cardboard, plastic, or wire, or even a balloon (make sure the papier mache is dry before you pop the balloon); sometimes the base is made of just wadded up paper arranged in the shape wanted.

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