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Paper Mache Teapot

paper mache teapot
How I can make a piƱata in the form of tea?

I know the basics-balloon and paper mache, but I'm not sure about how tea. I'm making for a birthday present and this will be my first time making one.

The first obvious choice is to get some pictures of several teapots, say Image of Google, so you have a clear idea of what to do and you can choose one that looks good, but it will still be easier to do, at least first time. Basically, the problem is the visual appearance and how to attach the added visual detail, in this case the spout and any handle and lid. Assuming to use the basic shape of the balloon for the body of the teapot, at least the first time, can shape a lid while still wet, wrapping paper strips wet newspaper around the way you want. The problem with the lid and the handle is that if the mountain in the strongest way that weaken the balloon could go too sweet fast, but if you avoid this, you can get beaten off while moving or very early in the batting. Stronger would make the basic shape of the handle and separate spout folded over or wrapped around a core of folded or in paper form, but leaving the wings or ends of paper coming out the end. When the balloon is sufficiently dry to be safe, cut off access to the addition of candy, pop the balloon and remove it, then cut a slot and access points for the supplier and handle. This weakens the world. Mix a little glue and wet paper mache left at the end of the spout / handle, they work through openings, and tail fins extending flat inside flat-backed pieces on them like the tape. This makes the largest membership. If you do not want to work inside the balloon or weaken it, then follow the same steps, but the wet end flaps flare out on the outside and seal the bottom with flat pieces of paper glued. This makes a weakest link in the world. When everything is dry, paint / decor as usual.

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