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Paper Mache Tree Sculpture

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paper mache tree sculpture
IGCSE art sculpture ideas?

Would have to make a sculpture for art, but as I've never done anything like this before (I prefer painting, drawing) I'm stuck for ideas! I do not want to do something boring, like a mask, for example. I was thinking maybe a bonsai tree, or sakura, but I have idea of how to start lol. Clay? Wire? Paper mache?

Depends on the materials you are willing to fork over the money. If you have ideas, try think about the things you want to paint or draw. Just remember that you must think of the object from all angles. You said you've never done anything like this before but since you want to make a tree, I'm guessing that you have the basics at least. Just remember that current models are nice to look at for reference when 're doing your project. Wise suggestion, I'd say maybe a shoe. Preferably a baby shoe. Some of them can become very complex, but are so small that if you model the same size as the actual shoe you will not have too many problems in the proportions and the like. Material wise, if you are using store bought air dry clay, remember that contracts (some more than others) when dry. You also have the painting is more difficult that. Depends the type of paint you use and the type of clay. You can also use the oven baked clay, but most of them are quite expensive, depending on type, and need more practice to work with. Now, suppose you want to make a sculpture misc. objects or mixed? I suggest you use interesting objects you want to be unique. I have seen pictures provided with coffee (special liquid formula) and sculptures of plastic spoons. I suggest thinking in that direction. For bonsai tree, I suggest you work especially wire. Going to a lot of wire, and you probably have to invest at least $ 30 in some of the standard tools, but well worth it. Use cable to shape the trunk and branches. It will be tough, but I'm sure you'll be fine. Make sure the base is very strong, especially if you have your touch tree lot. Maybe you do not understand what I'm trying to describe ….? Well, if you're going to make a bonsai tree, you can use other materials to try to make the leaves and flowers {perhaps some trees have them}. Maybe you can use several accounts of seeds or grains, in general, to represent the leaves of the tree? These sculptures have been done before so I suggest that in google. If you decide on the sakura tree, I recommend the cable. The real flowers would be harder to do, especially if you intend to do everything alone. ? Maybe other ideas origami [I'm just naming a few things I've tried]: box, shoes, hamburgers, hand, cat, cake, ice cream, started thick chocolate bar, small furniture, etc. Hope that helps a little.

Frozen Cherry Tree

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